Janice Peacock

Glass Artist

About Lampwork Beads

Lampwork bead artists create beads using a torch powered with oxygen and propane or natural gas. Janice is a glass beadmaker who uses her twenty-five years of lampworking experience to create glass beads and sculptures using her torch.  She melts colorful glass rods from Italy to create her miniatures works of art.  Beads are made one at a time, using various sculpting tools which move the molten glass into the desired shapes.

Janice is known for her ancient mask and vessel beads, however, handmade glass beads come in many styles, as unique as the artists who create them.  

You can learn more about glass beadmaking by visiting the non-profit website for the International Society of Glass Beadmakers as www.isgb.org.  

Here are a couple of short videos about glass bead making from Janice's YouTube Channel.


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